Greer, SC

Over 350,000 SF over Multiple Projects

Since 2009, THS Constructors has been awarded construction contracts for expansions, additions and renovations in excess of 350,000 SF in all areas of BMW’s North American Manufacturing Facility.

Projects Include:

  • F25 Turntables
  • Engine & Transmission Stacker
  • Chemical Storage Facility
  • 10-Bay (20 Total) Expansion
  • Paint Shop Expansion
  • 14-Bay Assembly Hall 52 Expansion
  • Hall 83 Cell Building Renovation
  • LC1 (5-Bay) and Hall 50 (18-Bay) Expansions
  • Vehicle Stacker and Conveyor Building
  • Hydrogen Plant Expansion
  • Analysis Center Renovations
  • Energy Center Renovations
  • 11-Bay Hall 50 Dock Expansion
  • Waste Management Building
  • Interim Cafeteria Renovation
  • Ad Blue Expansion

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