Clemson Core Campus

Clemson Core Campus

Clemson, SC

300,000 SF

Whiting-Turner Contracting Company

Clemson Core Campus is a $85m student housing and dining facility located in the heart of Clemson University’s campus. Comprised of three residence towers and one dining hall, the facility is able to house approximately 700 students and accommodate 1,400 diners. Additionally, the project includes office and administrative space for the Calhoun Honors College. The project makes extensive use of precast hollow core concrete panels and a variety of exterior finishes, including glass curtainwall, aluminum composite panels, slate shingles, and fiber cement board panels. Clemson Core Campus also pursued LEED Silver certification.

THS Constructors acted as a local partner to the Whiting-Turner Contracting Company. The limited confines of the project site presented a unique challenge, as did the project schedule. However, THS Constructors’ personnel assigned to this project showed great dedication and enthusiasm in their commitment to delivering the project on time.