THS Constructors’ quality control program emphasizes planning and prevention as the best means of achieving overall project goals for quality, cost, and schedule. We view quality as more than a simple measurement of conformity to specifications. True quality is obtained by building a team atmosphere with clearly understood expectations for each party involved in the project. Areas such as design review, subcontractor selection and decision processes are the critical keys to an overall quality effort. The three basic components of THS Constructor’s quality program are:


Subcontractor Qualification Program

  • THS Constructors subcontractor qualification program functions as a quality assurance tool by carefully evaluating each subcontractor’s ability to meet the project requirements.
  • Based on previous experience with THS and through reference checks, performance criteria are established that classify the type of work a particular subcontractor is qualified to perform.
  • Financial strength is a prime consideration in evaluating a subcontractor’s ability to perform.
  • THS Constructors will work in conjunction with clients to select contractors they prefer.


Site Management

A second factor in THS Constructors’ quality effort is the constant reinforcement of quality objectives on the project site. THS Constructors’ site approach to management of the quality program focuses on four specific areas:

  • Pre-installation meetings
  • Regular monitoring of work in progress
  • Notice of items for correction
  • Continual punch listing


THS Constructors Continuous Improvement Process

The THS Constructors Continuous Improvement Process is formal recognition of the company’s belief that quality can be planned into every process through the involvement of all employees in the flow of information and decision-making. Continuous Improvement is based on four main principles:

  • Client satisfaction
  • People effectiveness
  • Project controls
  • Safety

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